Enrico Capra was founded in 1974 in the Italian capital of Fine Jewellery. From the heart of Piedmont, the company embarked on a journey in the quest of beauty spanning almost fifty years. Between tradition and modernity, Italian design and influences coming from all over the world, Enrico Capra creates jewellery capable of impressing and to excite on all occasions. From the very first years, it has been characterised by the innovative and refined style of the creations. Since then, the quality of the materials, the skilled workmanship and the uniqueness of the shapes have permitted the company to be present in the showcases of the world’s most prestigious jewellers.

Azienda - Le origini


A piece of jewellery intrinsically embodies the history, emotions and personality of both the person who wears it and of who created it. Enrico Capra jewellery is created by the skilful hands of master goldsmiths, who combine past and future, tradition and innovation. We have learnt a great deal from the past but we continue to gaze towards the future with curiosity: only in this way can we anticipate tastes and trends and ensure that every woman feels unique and special at all times. 


Day after day, jewel after jewel, we draw inspiration from the many journeys to the fashion capitals as well as from nature and from the most exotic of countries. Our collections speak of the colours of the rainbow, the perfection of nature, the charm of the blue sea, the boldness of animals in the savannah, of the most precious blossoming and much more. It is precisely this imagination and creativity, combined with the warmth of Italian style and the many nuances of the world, that allow us to create amazing jewellery evoking dreams and emotions.

Azienda - Enrico Capra
Innovazione - Enrico Capra


Thanks to innovative designs and materials of the highest quality, we can give life to the desires of all times. For us, growth means never stopping: a constantly evolving style and the development of new jewellery-making techniques are our keys to success. Years go by, but the innovative and refined style of our creations continues to be acknowledged throughout the world as synonymous with elegance and refinement. 


Commitment and dedication have always been part of our history. A path made of passion, attentiveness and constant research to recreate jewellery that does not forget the past, but is also able to meet present day challenges. Wearing Enrico Capra jewellery also means this: expressing one’s personality freely, without ceasing to believe that dreams can come true.

Impegno - Enrico Capra